Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The attempt at implementing democracy in Iraq has already failed. 

"Islam will be the official religion of the state and it will be a source...of legislation. Also the law will say to respect Islam as the religion of the majority," Governing Council spokesman Hameed Kefaey told the BBC, after the deal had been reached.

as long as islam or any other religion is considered the "official religion" of a country, and as long as islam or any other religion is considered to be a "source of ligislation", there will be no democracy in that country !

I feel very sorry for the women of Iraq, because they have more dark days ahead of them, as their rights will be violated under the "official religion" of islam.

The people of Iran REJECT islam and all other religions as being a part of their government, and will not accept ANY religion to be designated as the "official" religion in their constitution !

The new constitution of Iran must NOT mention the name of ANY religion, and must NOT mention "god" or any other supernatural entity !

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