Saturday, December 27, 2003

Please donate to the Red Cross International Relief Fund to help Iranian quake victims !!! 

Please go to this site and select the International Relief Fund from the list.

In times of need ONLY HUMANS can help each other !!!! no supernatural being will come to our aid !! WE must aid ourselves and each other !!!!

For those who believe in a kind and merciful "god". 

of course people are too set in their mind and belief in this non-existant creature that supposedly would protect the lives of such innocent children, so they never place blame on the supposedly all-powerfull "god" which would presumably control the forces of nature such as Earthquakes. No, earthquakes are just there, and then this "god" is supposed to provide relief. ya right, whatever !

Maybe if people didn't believe in this non-existant protector, they wouldn't be so complaicent, and they would take action to protect themselves, instead of just saying "harchi khoda bekhad", "khoda bozorgeh". Maybe they would have taken action and built better and stronger buildings, instead of having TENS OF THOUSANDS of people live in MUD SHACKS !!!!

yes, indeed, the legacy of the pahlavi and khomeini regimes lives on. and both were such pious believers in "god". maybe they should have believed in taking money out of their pockets and building the country instead !!!

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