Monday, November 10, 2003

By mentioning islam, Bush spoiled the message of his speach about democracy in the Middle East. 

" It should be clear to all that Islam -- the faith of one-fifth of humanity -- is consistent with democratic rule. Democratic progress is found in many predominantly Muslim countries -- in Turkey and Indonesia, and Senegal and Albania, Niger and Sierra Leone. Muslim men and women are good citizens of India and South Africa, of the nations of Western Europe, and of the United States of America.

More than half of all the Muslims in the world live in freedom under democratically constituted governments. They succeed in democratic societies, not in spite of their faith, but because of it. A religion that demands individual moral accountability, and encourages the encounter of the individual with God, is fully compatible with the rights and responsibilities of self-government."

Bush should not have mentioned anything about islam, when speaking about democracy in the Middle East. He should realize that democracy will not be possible without secularism and separation of islam from government, in all middle eastern nations. It is totally irrelevant if he thinks that islam is compatible with democracy. The fact is that any time islam is given any part at all in a coutry's government, it ends up spoiling all ideas of liberty, human rights, and democracy. One way or another, some mullah is going to come and have his interpretation of islam, and is going to say that women can't vote or work, or that they have to dress this way or that way, and he will impose his interpretations of islam onto all aspects of people's lives.

Liberty, freedom, equality of women and men, democracy, are NOT possible if islam is thrown in the mix. A speach about demoracy, should NOT make any mention of islam, nor any other religon.

If Bush is truley interested in seeing democracy develope in the Middle East, he should underscore the importance of secularism, and separation of religion from government. It remains to be seen if the US and Europe are truly interested in seeing democracy devlope in the Middle East, or its just empty rhetoric. If they are realy serious about it, they should promote and support secularist democrats in the Middle East, and deny the islamists any support or help at all !!!

Sunday, November 02, 2003

The word "god" must not appear in the Iranian constitution ! 

"The debate regarding God as the authority for moral values is a controversial one "

therefore it must be kept out of the constitution and all governmental affairs. The purpose of the constitution is to lay down the structure of government, NOT to settle controversies about the origins of the universe !

matters of morality and ethics in society can be discussed and implemented in law by the perliament, outside the control of any religious institutions.

Human laws are created by humans, NOT by any supernatural entitites.

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