Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Mrs. Ebadi, you are wrong, we do not wish to NOR CARE to reform or reinterpret islam ! 


" Asked how such inequalities could be changed when deeply religious clerics controlled the main levers of power in Iran, Ebadi insisted that Islam was not to blame.

"After 20 years of legal studies I can say definitively that with a correct interpretation of Islam human rights can be respected. The problem is the interpretation," she said. "

Dear Mrs. Ebadi,

Frankly, we do NOT care nor wish to reinterpret islam ! We do NOT want islam (nor any other religion) to form the basis of the laws that govern Iran. We do NOT want the judicial system or the civil laws of Iran to be based on islam !!! no matter who's interpretation you talk about !!!!

we are SICK AND TIRED OF ISLAM AND ALL OF ITS VARIOUS INTERPRETATIONS !!!! if you want islam, go to the mosque !!!

Iranian women must have equal rights with men, PERIOD. not because of any interpretation of islam, but simply because that is their HUMAN RIGHT !

A free and democratic Iran must be a SECULAR society, in which NO religion takes precedence over any other, and NO religion plays any role in its govermental affairs ! Economic, social, political, civil policies must NOT be based on islam, no matter how or which interpretation !!!

Congratulations for winning the Nobel Peace Prize !
Nabood bAd regime khoon khAr-e Akhoondi !!!
Nang bar khAmenei, Nang bar rafsanjani !!!


Thursday, October 02, 2003

Iranian people, for how long are you going to continue to live like slaves ? 


these 3000 filthy mullahs are treating you people like slaves ! you go to work, and keep the economy going, so these filthy animals can keep living off of your blood like leaches (zAloo) !!!

when are you people going to all go on STRIKE !!! ???

when a part of your body gets infected with blood sucking parasites, you have to cut off the blood supply !!!


or continue to live like slaves....

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