Tuesday, September 23, 2003

the mullahs once again make a mockery of int'l law and justice with bogus charges in the murder of Canadian journalist 

TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iranian court is to try an Intelligence Ministry interrogator for the "semi-intentional" murder of a Canadian journalist in a rare test of the accountability of Iran's powerful security apparatus.

the filthy terrorist mullahs once again make a mockery of law and justice, by bringing BOGUS charges against minor scape-goats in the intelligence agency, and totally overlooking the crimes of the REAL perpetrators, ie, the chief of the intelligence(?) ministry himself !

when are the europeans going to act like civilized humans, and STOP ALL RELATIONS with the filthy terrorist murderous mullahs ??? the European governments and companies are only interested in MONEY ! all this nonsense talk of "constructive dialogue" and constantly calling the filthy mullah khatami a "reformer" are just an excuse to be able to continue their trade relations with the mullahs so they can make money off of the lives of the Iranian people, who are being held as slaves by the blood sucking mullahs !

SHAME on all European people, for allowing their governments to continue this stupid puppet show !

Monday, September 08, 2003

I know you didn't want us to go in, but now that we are stuck in mud, please help us get out of this mess. and , its going to cost another $87 billion 

and in the mean time, if unemployment in the US is over 6%, and silicon valley is suffering, and we have no plan for saving the economy, please ignore all that and vote for me to continue this mess for another 4 years.


""I recognize that not all of our friends agreed with our decision to enforce the Security Council resolutions and remove Saddam Hussein from power," Bush said. "Yet we cannot let past differences interfere with present duties."

Members of the United Nations, he said, "have an opportunity and the responsibility to assume a broader role in assuring that Iraq becomes a free and democratic nation." "

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Iranian Torture Victim Sues the Islamic Regime of Iran 

Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran


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E-mail: Nima@mehr.org

Iranian Torture Victim Sues the Islamic Regime of Iran

September 2, 2003

MEHR Iran announced the filing of a lawsuit against the Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI), the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Ali Akbar Rafsanjani, and Ali Akbar Fallahian Khuzestani. The announcement was made at a Los Angeles conference to commemorate the massacre of prisoners of conscience in Iran and all over the world.

The lawsuit filed by the San Francisco-based Center for Justice & Accountability (CJA), charges that agents of the Islamic Regime of Iran tortured the plaintiff, Gholam Nikbin, who served three years in jail for his conversion to the Mormon faith and for permitting dancing at his wedding.

When asked whether he was not afraid of the terrible consequences of suing the Islamic Regime of Iran, Nikbin said to hundreds of audiences:

"I do not care about my life. I want the whole world to hear my voice and know what they did to me. I am still suffering from what they did to me. I do not want this to happen to another Iranian. I want to free my country from these terrorists"

"This lawsuit sends a wake-up call to Iran that it can and will be held responsible for torturing its own people," said CJA attorney Joshua Sondheimer. "Subjecting someone to torture for their religious beliefs is abhorrent and condemned by international law, and Iran and the officials responsible thankfully can be brought to justice in United States courts," Sondheimer added.

Mohammad Parvin, founder of Los Angeles based Iranian human rights organization (MEHR) said:

"This is our first lawsuit against the Islamic Regime of Iran but will certainly not be the last. We seek justice for the victims of the Islamic Regime of Iran because we believe peace cannot be achieved without justice. We also believe it is an effective way to stop the legitimization of the Islamic Regime of Iran by the interest driven western governments."

" Our tireless efforts and dedication in exposing the human rights violations in Iran, the defense of prisoners of conscience, and formation of several conferences on the human rights violation in Iran, along with our continuous interaction with the international human rights organizations including Amnesty International, resulted in two significant achievements that we are very proud of:

1- We received recognition and gained the respect and trust of the Iranian people. Many of the victims of the Islamic Regime came to us and gave us authorization to act as their confidant and to seek justice.

2- We gained recognition from the international human rights organizations and were fortunate to attract the generous support of the "Center for Justice and Accountability" in undertaking the legal aspects of filing lawsuits against the Islamic Regime of Iran.

Today, we are so pleased that after several years of hard work and in spite of all the obstacles, we have been able to file this lawsuit," added Parvin.

" I send you my greetings and support as you meet for this poignant conference to commemorate the thousands of victims of the 1988 massacre of prisoners of conscience carried out by the brutal Iranian regime. This oddly oft-forgotten crime against humanity, carried out on an order by the cruel dictator Khomeini, symbolizes and crystalizes the essential nature of the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran, which perversely exploits religion as a cover to oppress and kill as it sees fit. The barbaric behavior of this regime continues unabated today, as we have seen again just recently with the death in detention of the Canadian-Iranian journalist Zahra Kazemi," said Congressman Tm Lantos (D- 12th District, CA) in a message to the conference.

"As a fellow promoter of human rights in Iran, I warmly commend the Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran for honoring the memory of those who have suffered from the savagery of this regime, for creatively using the courts to seek redress for victims of regime criminality, and for providing the occasion for all of us to re-dedicate ourselves to the struggle to achieve a just and democratic Iran. I know that the Iranian people aspire to enjoy the same blessings of democracy, freedom, and rule of law that we enjoy here in the United States. Numerous spontaneous demonstrations over the years, such as those violently suppressed by regime thugs in June, attest to Iranian yearnings. I join with MEHR in seeking to assure that all Iranians be accorded fundamental human rights," added Congressman Lantos.

In a message to the conference, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D- 47th District, CA) stated:

"I regret that I cannot be here in person as you gather in remembrance of the thousands of prisoners of Conscience massacred by the Islamic Regime of Iran in the summer of 1988. Your efforts to hold the Islamic Republic accountable for crimes against humanity not only honors the memory of those who lost their lives in pursuit of freedom and basic human rights, but provides an inspiration for those who continue the daily struggle for peace and justice under the constant threat of peril."

The Congresswoman form Garden Grove, CA further stated that:

" I applaud your efforts to bring the Islamic Republic of Iran's flagrant human rights violations to the attention of the international community, and pledge to continue to be a voice for the people of Iran in the United States Congress."

Congressman Howard Berman (D- 28th District, CA), in his message to the conference stated:

" Although a scheduling conflict prevents me from joining you in person, I am writing to let you know that I stand with you in your struggle to promote respect for human rights in Iran. As a senior member of the house International Relations Committee I will do everything in my power to help further this goal."

" Iran has a dismal record on human rights. Journalists are routinely jailed, dozens of newspapers have been shut down, religious minorities are persecuted, opposition leaders are beaten or killed and average Iranians are denied the most fundamental civil liberties: freedom of _expression, freedom of association, freedom of religion and the freedom to choose their own leaders," added Congressman Berman.

Mr. Sean Butler the President of the International Criminal Court Alliance in Southern California described the mechanism of International Criminal Court in bringing to justice the perpetrators.

university in Sweden appoints professor of bullshit 

to study the existance of such beliefs among people, as a topic in sociology or anthropology is one thing, but to actually claim that one is going to do research in these fields themselves, is not just funny, but stupid, and a waste of money.

Telepathy gets academic in Sweden

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (Reuters) --Sweden's Lund University, one of the oldest seats of learning in Scandinavia, will take a leap into the unknown by appointing northern Europe's first professor of parapsychology, hypnology and clairvoyance.

Almost 30 candidates, including a self-professed Indian medium and an American named Heaven Lord, applied for the post, financed by a donation, whose holder the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has joked will be a "Ghost Professor."

The first professor, to be appointed by Lund University Dean Goran Bexell, is expected to start work in 2004, faculty secretary Kerstin Johansson told Reuters.

Hypnology is the science of the phenomena of sleep and hypnosis.

Despite decades of experimental research and television performances by people such as spoonbending psychic Uri Geller, there is still no proof that gifts such as telepathy and the ability to see the future exist, mainstream scientists say.

"Verifying the existence of paranormal phenomena does not seem to be a promising field of science," said Sven Ove Hansson, professor of philosophy at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Utrecht University in the Netherlands and Scotland's Edinburgh University also have chairs in parapsychology.

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